How to make an apple fresh head - Method 1

How to make an apple fresh head - Method 1

Making an apple fresh head is very simple, here is just one of the few ways to making the perfect apple fresh head. Enjoy!!



Step 1 - Cut just over half of the apple.
Step 2 - Cork the centre of the apple.
Step 3 - Carve out the apple.
Step 4 - Cut out the centre, you can also cut slits.
Step 5 - Dry the tobacco.
Step 6 - Sprinkle the tobacco around the base. 'Make it Fluffy"
Step 7 - Double fold the foil and make sure it is tight.
Step 8 - Create even holes around the apple.
Step 9 - Set up your hookah
Step 10 - Fire up your coal and smoke up!

How to Make an Apple Fresh Head Hookah?

If you are tired by using the same clay pot in which you put your hookah flavour mix. Try this new creative Apple head. Following the steps that show the process to do so:

Cut the apple
First of all, cut a thin layer from the bottom of the apple, so the apple becomes flat and comfortably sits on your table without jiggle. Then, make a second cut of about 1/3 of the way from the top of the apple. Your focus is to make a full hole through the apple. Giant from the top and just right to fit your hookah stem on the bottom. Carve all the inside of the apple, beginning from the top so that there is a border of about 1cm around the head. Fill your apple head with your favourite shisha tobacco mix.

Cover your apple with foil paper
Cover your apple with foil just like you cover your clay pot. Then punch in the holes starting at the centre of the head with a toothpick or a thin sharp hole punching tool.

Start Smoking

When you are done with foiling, place coals on Apple Shisha Head and smoke away.

Useful Tips:

  • When you are cutting an apple, make sure that the bottom of your apple must be flat.
  • There are chances of the apple getting too soft after an hour or so of smoking and the apple may start to lean to one side resulting in the coals falling over.
  • As the apple hole is much more extensive than a clay pot, there is a lot more coal flow—recompense by adding more flavour in Apple Head Shisha.
  • Double your foil to prevent Apple from getting mushy from the heat.

Why We Use This Type of Shisha?

This type of Shisha head provides more airflow than a regular pot. However, you need to make sure you pack in lots of flavours; otherwise, you might just be tasting air and coal.




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