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The Starbuzz Tobacco company is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality shisha tobacco flavors and has excelled in this field since 2005. Smokers are guaranteed a unique smoking experience thanks to the various hookah products that have undergone thorough tests to ensure customer satisfaction. The Starbuzz tobacco is a blend of traditional and modern flair, making the product one of the renowned shisha brands worldwide.

The Right Packing of Starbuzz Tobacco

The process of packing the star buzz in your hookah bowl may be challenging if you have never used the product before. However, the simple procedure ensures that the hookah is appropriately set to enhance a beautiful smoking experience. The pack should be filled in bits of pinches allowed to fall lightly into the bowl. The process is repeated until the loose, and fluffy shisha tobacco fills up the hookah bowl to the rim. Any overhanging tobacco should be pressed into the bowl and is hugged tightly by the bowl's rim.

Most people would prefer using Kaloud Lotus when smoking Starbuzz shisha tobacco, which does not require a bowl with a foil. However, when using a foil, it has to be tightly pulled over the hookah bowl. This tightness should be even and consistent around the bowl, and the holes in the foils should be neither large nor small. Also, the number of the holes should be neither too many nor very few, and they can be made using a toothpick or foil poker. Since the holes serve to allow airflow in the bowl, about three rings of such holes would be sufficient to avoid pulling excess heat.

Smoking the Starbuzz Tobacco

Once the tobacco has been packed correctly in the hookah bowl, the next step becomes the smoker's fun to taste the flavor. When beginning to smoke, it is recommended to start with the low and smooth puffs and progress to stronger ones. This is achieved by regulating the amount of heat by either reducing or adding coals in the bowl or stirring them occasionally. For long-lasting smoking sessions, you can use coconut coals because they burn longer. You can ignite three or two of these coals and place them around the bowl's edge, and move them to the side once they have burnt halfway.

Starbuzz Tobacco Flavors

There are various flavors of the Starbuzz Tobacco product on the market for smokers to choose from. For instance, one can decide to taste the Apple Americano if they prefer espresso flavors that are dark and rich, with a candy apple sweetness. Moreover, there is shisha tobacco with a juicy taste known as Starbuzz Banana. This flavor can be made stronger by combining it with other Starbuzz flavors. Another flavor is the Classic Mojito, a blend of lime and spearmint that finishes with a delicious sweetness than the many shishas packed with the cooling menthol taste.

Final Remarks

Starbuzz Tobacco is a prestigious shisha product of the modern age for those who want to taste various flavors. The product is easy to pack, and the company provides its customers with a guarantee of an exceptional smoking experience enhanced by the discriminative flavors.

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