Riviera Cafe and Restaurant Maribyrnong - Four star review

 Riviera Cafe & Restaurant, Maribyrnong, Melbourne

Riviera Cafe and Restaurant Maribyrnong

A Hookain experience.

On the 18th of November 2020, we visited family shisha restaurant along the river in Maribyrnong called Riviera Café and Restaurant as part of our Hookain shisha lounge reviews.

On arrival, we were greeted by a lovely waiter, who took us to our seats outside where we were instantly speechless by the beautiful river view. The waiter provided us with menus and a short time after the waiter came back out to take our orders. We could tell that he had been there for a while as he memorised our order.

The vibe was extremely relaxing sitting by the river, the fresh air and the sun created a chilled experience for us. Riviera didn’t play any music for the first forty minutes until it started to get busy. We couldn’t hear the music outside, but honestly, we didn’t mind the calm sounds of the river.

From placing our order, it took about seven and a half minutes to receive our shisha with coal. We wanted to eat first, so we requested to have the coal after we were done eating. Since we are on the topic of shisha, we will review the shisha first. As it appears they only serve fresh apple heads and no regular clay head. Our choice of flavour was Al fakher double apple and mint. As usual, we inspected the hookah. The water was spotless; the waiter provided us with a new plastic disposable hose. We received our coal and allowed the head to preheat. Once the shisha started, we conducted our review. Taking into account that we were sitting outside the smoke produced was average we didn’t get much clouds, the taste was bland, the only positive comment I can make on the shisha smoking experience was that there was a little buzz. Honestly speaking, we didn’t enjoy the shisha and only smoked for about thirty minutes before we decided to leave.

The food was delicious, our choice of food was a mix grilled meal. The chicken, kofta & lam was delicious. Unfortunately, the lamb was chewy. The rice and salad were perfect. No complaints.

We love a clean venue, and nothing compliments a restaurant than a spotless bathroom room. The seating set up, the floors and outdoor area were immaculate.

The food is priced well with the portion you receive; the mix grilled meal will set you back $25. However, the shisha prices are overpriced at $45 for a fresh apple head.

To conclude we rate our overall experience at Riviera Cafe and Restaurant a 77 out of 100, which hits four stars on our scale. We highly recommend Riviera for their food and customer service experience, not so much for their shisha taste.

 reviera cafe and restaurant review

55 Cumberland Dr, Maribyrnong VIC 3032

 riviera cafe and restaurant google review summary

*Disagree with our review? We encourage you to invite us back and prove us wrong. * :))


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  • Sam Abra

    We should have left after waiting by the bar for 10 minutes to be acknowledged. But we sat anyway and waited a further 20 to be served by a young man who just stood and left us to assume he was taking our orders it was then another 20 before getting our first course of dips. I know hummus is a basic dip but to be that bland was mind blowing. The meats were incredibly dry. At least there was the entertainment of watching staff not knowing what food was for what table and walking around in circles with hands full of plates. But honestly please save your money until this place gets better management and food. Watching so many staff running around with no direction is just embarrassing and disappointing

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