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Starting and successfully running a shisha business is not easy today, considering many people are interested in this venture. Moreover, many smokers of shisha, also known as hookah, have their preferences regarding the best environment in which to smoke and the type of shisha being sold to them. For instance, the best shisha bars or smoking zones should be great destinations for these customers and a suitable environment for other people that are purely after good and soothing music. Other people also come to these places because they offer a secluded atmosphere, away from the hustles and bustles typical of club scenes and sports bars. Therefore, when considering to start this business, there are several essential tips to master that will guarantee you a steady inflow of customers.

Hookah – What Is It?

This is a piece of equipment specifically meant for heating and vaporizing tobacco, hashish and cannabis. It has its origins in the Middle East and South Asia, which dates back to over 500 years ago. Hookah became globally famous in the 1900s and is widely used for smoking shisha in many Western countries. Traditionally, hookah was used to smoke the products of flavoured tobacco, cannabis or opium. When being smoked, the smoke comes out through a glass water basin before the smoker inhales it.
Many customers prefer buying shisha directly from the sellers, either in a bar or venues designed explicitly for selling this product. However, it is possible to buy shisha online, with which the buyer receives their order within a few days anywhere within Australia.

Shisha Works

This is a distributor of shisha for New Zealand and Australia. Shisha Works is an online store for hookah flavours, pipes and accessories. When considering to buy shisha online, be sure to receive fast services, especially when located in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Canberra. Also, Shisha Works provides its esteemed customers with catering services in Melbourne, including office parties, corporate functions, family celebrations and weddings. In these events, customers are given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of shisha flavours, pipes, cocktails and accessories.

Shisha Australia

Commonly regarding themselves as Shisha Australia Squad, SA Squad, this community comes together to stock shisha products on their website for customers. These products include charcoal, coal burners, AOT Provost II Heat Management, Shisha Australia Gift Cards, and Zomo Strong Foil. In other words, the SA Squad is well known for stocking all products ranging from charcoal, accessories, shisha and other package deals on their website. Before placing an order on Shisha Australia, it is recommended to ask the SA Squad and read through the various recent customer reviews on the wide variety of products available. Furthermore, when considering to buy shisha online, the hassle is made easier through the recent launching of Shisha Wholesale, which is specifically designed and meant for all the shisha retailers in Australia. With this development, the shisha companies that deal with product deliver, physical shops, and retail stores online are enabled to log in and make wholesale purchases quite easily than before. Moreover, the SA Squad is affiliated with other companies, such as Alpaca Bowl Company, a large distributor of Alpaca Bowls in Australia. These bowels are a favourite of many shisha smokers today since they are the best.
When purchasing products with Shisha Australia, customers can pay later without using a credit card. This is enhanced by the use of Zip, a method that enables customers to purchase various products without the worry of having to pay large amounts of money on the spot.

Online Hookah Australia

Hookah smoking is currently generally associated with the young generation, especially college students. This comes with some restrictions and barriers, especially when hookah is smoked in bars and restaurants. The time spent while smoking is at times limited by legal regulations, and some bars and cafes are expensive, leading to many youths seeking other venues for smoking. To minimize these and other related inconveniences suffered by the enthusiastic shisha smokers, Online Smoke has come up with a way to enable such customers to buy shisha online. They provide the best hookah products to Australian smokers, as well as other accessories, ranging from pipes, bongs and papers.
Online hookah Australia is committed to becoming the largest distributor of all hookah needs to all its customers within Australia. They offer free shipping for all orders above $100 in Australia, and the prices on their products are much affordable compared to other companies. As a result, this is an ample opportunity for those shisha smokers that do not want the hassles that come with smoking in a bar or restaurant since they can shop all their needs regarding hookah and its accessories online.

World of Shisha

This company was established in 2014 with the primary goal of being the leading store destination for all the Australian premium shisha and hookah enthusiasts. In practice, the company strives to ensure that they deliver premium shisha and all the related accessories right at their customers' doorsteps. Moreover, the World of Shisha is dedicated to stocking only established, proven and high-quality product brands globally. On a positive note, the website is fully secured, ensuring total security of all payments. Furthermore, once an order is placed, the company ensures that shipment is made the same day and delivered in the minimum time possible.

Having learned about the origin and a brief history of hookah, it is good to know some of the tips to master when considering to start a local hookah bar and restaurant. Although the world is fast developing technology-wise, still other shisha smokers prefer smoking in groups. Also, the atmosphere and environment in which one smokes shisha play a vital role in their overall enjoyment. Most of the hookah smokers are the youth, a fact that calls for a consideration of setting up a suitable venue. This article discusses the essential tips to master when planning to start and successfully run a local hookah bar and restaurant in the following section.

1. Competent Wait Staff
Any business person in the service industry should place the competence of their employees as a primary consideration. This also applies in the world of hookah, or shisha, especially in a bar or restaurant setting that requires explicit set-ups and coal refills, as well as food and drinks. In this case, it is recommended that only the competent, knowledgeable and attentive wait staff is employed. Moreover, it is good to ensure that the staff is welcoming, understanding and approachable since most shisha bars are dependent on veteran smokers and repeat customers.

2. Shisha Bar Music
The laidback atmosphere and general vibe in a hookah bar would be considered incomplete in the absence of a perfect and matching elevator soundtrack. Although background music would be the right choice, the customers would be left with little to no say in the kind of music being played, especially when they need something that rhymes with their spirit when smoking. This explains why most of the hookah bars today provide an opportunity for their usually long-staying customer to have a say in the choice of music being played. For instance, these modern shisha bars use sophisticated jukebox apps that are mobile, enabling their customers to select their favourite songs. Moreover, they can vote on the music playlists that have been pre-approved without having to leave their seats and walk around in the bar. Currently, hookah bars are commonly visited by the youth, mainly comprising college students. Hence, it is a good idea to employ mobile as well as social components to make a hookah lounge unique and a favourite destination for enthusiastic shisha smokers.

3. Posh and Comfortable Décor
Ensure that the lounge in the hookah bar is perfectly arranged to guarantee a relaxing ambience for smoking. This is because shisha smoking is widely regarded as a social activity that requires a relaxing environment. For assistance in this area, consider using the Middle Eastern, Bohemian or Egyptian décor, which comprises dark walls, tapestries, colourful furniture, mixed patterns, as well as ornate accessories. Moreover, it is recommended to employ the use of dim lights and comfortable pillows on the furniture to create an atmosphere that is relaxing. As a result, the customers are assured of comfort, making them want to stay longer, which means they are likely to spend more on drinks and food in the process. Furthermore, provide circular tables and intimate booths for those customers that arrive in groups. This way, they sit around these tables and smoke shisha together, and they are less likely to leave any sooner.

4. Sufficient Tobacco Menu
This is usually among the first considerations when contemplating opening a hookah bar and restaurant. There is usually a challenge in identifying the best or right shisha flavours today, and this ordeal should not be left to the customers. Therefore, know and understand the right tobacco flavours to offer customers, and save them the time of browsing through the menu, since there are myriad possibilities on the market today. Ensures that the hookah bar has and boasts of a wide array of tobacco options on the menu, ranging from fruits to florals to mints. In effect, the many customers visiting the bar are likely to find it fun going through the long list of options, and they will undoubtedly want to come back to taste the rest of the flavours. Moreover, consider blending more than a single flavour and allow customers to add flavoured water or ice to shisha as they smoke. For first-time smokers have tags such as "popular", "a must-taste", or "recommended" to assist them in selecting their flavours.

5. Soothing Tea
When considering opening a hookah bar, do not even think of serving alcohol. This is because alcohol has its downsides, especially related to age limits, accidents and licensing. In place of alcohol, consider serving a soothing tea, as this keeps your customer's throats smooth and enhances the tobacco flavour. In this case, the best tea flavours would be jasmine and mint, which are commonly used because they add the needed flavour to tobacco.

6. Shisha Happy Hour
It is not uncommon that everyone is interested in something unique and fun. This should also apply in the hookah bar by organizing discount promotions for customers, especially on less busy days. For instance, provide discounts on food and drinks, flavours, bundles, as well as hookah rental, all making summing up as happy hours for enthusiastic shisha smokers. Moreover, apart from retaining customers, discounted drinks attract non-smokers to come and enjoy a good time with their smoker friends, which is an innovative way of reaching out to new customers.

7. Outdoor Patio
Many modern bars and restaurants offer their customers the option to have drinks, food and smoke in the back patios. For hookah bars, this is the right way of allowing shisha smokers to chill outside, smoking while enjoying the fresh air and an open atmosphere that is well ventilated. In most cases, many customers are attracted to relax in the open, especially when the weather is nice, and they are able to still listen to the music in the bar. When possible, set up tables in front of the storefront in case the back patio is unsuitable or enclosed.

The Bottom Line
This article has been informative regarding hookah smoking, as well as business in Australia. Shisha smoking is a social and relaxing activity that is best enjoyed in the company of others. There are many flavours of this product on the market, giving smokers many options according to their tastes. Although many hookah smokers are the youth, especially college students, there are various barriers and restrictions regarding their place of smoking, age limits, as well as the cost. This implies that visiting bars and restaurants primarily to smoke hookah may be expensive for many people. In this case, many customers prefer buying this product online. However, setting up a good atmosphere in a bar is the right way to attract the many enthusiastic about smoking shisha today.

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